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    The BOTOX® breakdown.

    Bye-bye wrinkles.

    The #1 cosmetic treatment.
    Effectively reduce unwanted lines and wrinkles.

    Safe & FDA approved.

    So safe, that BOTOX® has been therapeutically treating children for over 34 years.

    No more taboo.

    Still you, just fewer lines.
    Loved by millions for natural looking results.

    The trifecta.

    Crow's feet, between the eyes and forehead. Yup, it takes care of it all.

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    We have injected more than 250,000 units of BOTOX®.

    It's no secret. Our expert providers only recommend solutions that best fit your personalized plan.

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    Frequently asked questions.

    BOTOX® is the brand name for a purified protein that helps relax muscles that cause wrinkles and soften existing wrinkles to provide a more refreshed look. BOTOX® is fundamentally a bacteria (clostridium botulinum) that was discovered 100’s of years ago and has recently been refined into one of the most widely used substances for medical purposes in the world. Today this protein is used for medical purposes ranging from overactive bladder to migraines and a host of other medical conditions.

    Fine lines called crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes, and frown lines on the forehead are dynamic wrinkles. They develop due to the movement of facial muscles when you frown, smile, etc. BOTOX® works by inhibiting signals that cause muscles contraction. This interference causes the muscles to relax, resulting in less dynamic facial movement. This helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and restore a more youthful appearance to the face. BOTOX® treatments also help to slow the formation of new wrinkles by preventing repeated contraction of the facial muscles.

    Notably, static wrinkles, such as those on the cheeks and at the corners of the mouth, develop due to reduced collagen production with age. Dermal filler, like the JUVÉDERM® Collection of Fillers, can be used to replace lost volume and refill the tissue to correct static wrinkles. A combination of BOTOX® and dermal fillers can be used for comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

    For an in-depth explanation of BOTOX® pricing, read our article How much does BOTOX® cost?

    BOTOX® is an FDA-approved cosmetic treatment for fine lines and wrinkles in two areas of the face – the glabellar area between the eyebrows where it is used to treat moderate to severe frown lines and the area around the eyes where it is used to treat fine lines called crow’s feet.

    Besides cosmetic uses, BOTOX® is also FDA-approved for the treatment of some medical conditions, including amblyopia (lazy eye), blepharospasm (involuntary twitching of the eye), cervical dystonia (painful neck spasms), hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), overactive bladder, urinary incontinence, and chronic migraine

    At the time of your initial consultation for BOTOX®, our trained medical providers will collect a health history, including your medical conditions, past surgeries, medications, and allergies. Certain medications, such as NSAIDs (ibuprofen, naproxen, aspirin) and blood thinners, can increase the risk of bleeding with injection treatments like BOTOX®. Your provider may recommend temporarily stopping these medicines before your BOTOX® appointment.

    BOTOX® injections are a minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment and are performed in a medical office. The entire process takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

    Most people tolerate BOTOX® injections well and do not experience any pain during the treatment. There are no cuts or incisions made, and no anesthesia is required. However, to enhance comfort, your provider may use a topical anesthetic (numbing cream) or ice in the treatment area.

    The procedure itself is relatively simple. Your provider will cleanse your face and then administer the BOTOX® using very fine needles.  For most individuals, the entire treatment takes less than half an hour.

    BOTOX® treatments are outpatient procedures, and you can go home and return to all normal activities the same day without any downtime.

    You will be advised to avoid massaging, pressing, or rubbing the treated area for 24-48 hours because this can spread the treatment to the surrounding tissues and cause unwanted results.

    It is important to have realistic expectations from your BOTOX® treatments. Your provider will show you before and after photos of other patients to give you an idea.

    You can expect an improvement in facial lines and wrinkles almost immediately after your treatment. BOTOX® results can be noticeable within 4-5 days, with full effect taking two weeks to be realized. The effect of your BOTOX® injections typically lasts up to 4 months for most individuals. Once the effects have dissipated, you will need to return to The Beauty Barn® for repeat injections to maintain your results.

    BOTOX® injections are the most popular minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures, having grown by more than 450% in the last couple of decades. In 2020, nearly 4.5 million people underwent these treatments in the United States.

    It is not uncommon to have some mild bruising and discomfort in the treated area for a couple of days. These symptoms typically resolve quickly without complications.

    You can reduce your risk of adverse effects by choosing an experienced provider who has considerable experience in BOTOX® facial rejuvenation treatments.

    BOTOX® is a minimally invasive treatment that can effectively and safely address facial wrinkles. However, BOTOX® treatment involves injections in the face. It is, therefore, important to choose a licensed provider who has the training and experience necessary to perform this treatment safely. Here at The Beauty Barn®, all of our medical injectors have extensive injectable training and are here to answer any questions you may have regarding BOTOX®. 

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