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  • Pre-treatment.

    H²O hero.

    Start hydrating like never before in the days leading up to your appointment. Well-hydrated skin takes to DiamondGlow® like a dream.

    Adieu to alcohol.

    Say no to alcohol a few days before your appointment, as it can increase the chance of bruising and dull your glow.

    Consultation radiance.

    Come prepared with any questions and your skincare goals in mind. Our expert team is here to create a customized plan tailored to your unique needs.

    Fresh-faced elegance.

    Arrive at your appointment with a fresh, makeup-free face. We're here to enhance your natural beauty with DiamondGlow®.


    Nourish your glow.

    To maintain your skin's radiance, consider using HA⁵® Rejuvenating Hydrator to protect and enhance your newly glowing skin.

    Hands off sparkle.

    Resist touching or rubbing the treated area immediately after the procedure. Let the DiamondGlow® results settle naturally.

    Sun-kissed safely.

    Shield your newly rejuvenated skin from the sun's rays with a wide-brimmed hat or SPF. UV exposure can affect your results.

    Trust the glow.

    Remember that DiamondGlow®'s radiant effects will continue to unfold over the coming days. Embrace the journey to your most luminous self.

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