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  • March 12, 2024 3 min read

    Let’s first acknowledge the elephant in the room: the word laser is intense. You may think of sci-fi movies and alien invasions, which is totally valid and expected. Allow me to reintroduce lasers to you in an entirely different light. In the aesthetic world, upon the mention of laser, we think of glowing, even-toned skin, happy patients, and really cool science. Laser is an innovative technology that corrects pigmentation, improves skin texture, and both prevents and reverses signs of aging.

    There are many different types of lasers on the market, but at The Beauty Barn®, we offer what we think are the two stand-outs: MOXI® and BBL® Hero™. So where do you start? Which one is best for you? How does it work? Let's start with the basics.


    What's the difference between MOXI® and BBL® Hero™ laser treatments?

    Although BBL® falls under the general laser category, it's technically not a laser but rather broad-band light, which is what BBL® stands for. These pulses of light help to eliminate darker pigmentation spots, rosacea, and even active acne breakouts. MOXI® is 1927 nm fractionating laser, which sounds really sciency, but essentially, it's a laser designed to reduce the down time of skin resurfacing. If you’re worried about your skin texture (large pores, acne scarring, roughness) or lighter pigmentation issues, MOXI® is going to be for you.


    The 101.


    BBL® Hero™ treatments
    Corrects: redness, discoloration & spots.


    MOXI® laser treatments
    Corrects: skin textures.

    Sooo, which laser treatment should I get?

    For best results, The Beauty Barn® recommends getting treated with both MOXI® and BBL® laser treatments during the same appointment. Doing both of them together simply addresses both texture and pigmentation concerns. It's your essential one-two punch solution for radiant, healthy skin.


    But do laser treatments hurt?

    A common worry with lasers is that it will hurt. Valid concern, but fret not. We make sure to numb all of our patients for at least 30 minutes before their laser treatment so that the treatment is more comfortable. Many patients have noted that during the MOXI® they could feel the heat of the laser, but that it was not painful. Since the BBL® is light and not laser, there are bright flashes of light during treatment that may be slightly disarming at first, but again, it is not described as painful. According to our patients, the most uncomfortable aspect of laser is post-treatment, where the skin may feel tight, slightly puffy for the first 2 days, and slightly sunburnt. See, there's nothing to be worried about.

    What does pre and post laser treatment look like?

    Let’s get into it. For at least 2-3 weeks before a laser treatment, it’s very important that you avoid sun exposure, tanning beds, self-tanning lotions and anything of that nature. Easy, that's it.

    Post-treatment is similar, hydrating your skin and avoiding sun-exposure (and all that good stuff). We also want our patients using the best, most studied skincare since your skin is so sensitive after a laser treatment.We recommend our patients get the SkinMedica® Procedure 360 System. This system includes a sunscreen, facial cleanser, a post-treatment repair complex, a restorative ointment, and a TNS ceramide cream. These medical-grade skincare products will help you reach the full potential of your skin and get the best results from your laser treatment.

    Both treatments will likely darker any pigmentation that was already there for the first few days, but these dark spots will eventually wash or fall off, revealing smooth, evenly-toned skin. Although both lasers have little to no downtime post-treatment, it’s important to note, especially if you do both MOXI® and BBL® at one appointment, it is likely you’ll be slightly swollen and red for the next 24-48 hours. After just a BBL® treatment, you can easily go out and about the next day and cover any dark pigmentation with makeup and sunscreen. A MOXI® treatment will leave you with a rougher texture to your skin and a bit more redness for 24-48 hours after your treatment.  However, both treatments have a remarkably short downtime for laser.

    Prefer a laser treatment consult?

    If you’re still unsure about laser treatment, or which one is best for you, we offer a laser consultation where you can go over any and all concerns with one of our highly trained laser providers. At this appointment, you and your provider will create a treatment plan that will allow you to reach all of your skin goals. If you want to skip the consultation and jump straight into treatment, that’s perfect too—you and your provider will create your unique plan at that appointment before your treatment. The Beauty Barn® is excited to offer this innovative, highly-effective treatment and cannot wait to help you glow with laser.

    Contact us to schedule your laser treatment consultation today.

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