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  • January 29, 2024 4 min read

    Good things come when you least expect it, and The Beauty Barn® is a living testament to that. What started out simply as the means to order BOTOX® for friends and family, became one of the fastest growing med-spas in the nation seemingly overnight. But of course, despite the rapid growth of The Beauty Barn®, there is no success without hard work, diligence, and a supportive community. This is the story of The Beauty Barn®'s beginnings and the people behind it—our origin story, if you will.


    Prologue—Garage Inc.

    Dr. Amy Hubert, mother of three, retired Naval Officer, Emergency Medicine doctor, and master-trained injector, was tired of driving over an hour for her BOTOX® appointments. She thought: "Why isn't there a more convenient option? What if I did my own BOTOX®? Hmm, I know my friends would be excited about getting BOTOX® too." So naturally, Dr. Amy took the leap and went for it.

    Turns out, even a doctor just can't order BOTOX®; it's a bit of a process, including licenses and approvals by the makers of BOTOX® themselves. Committed to the process, she obtained her license, got her approvals, and just like Steve Jobs, got to work... in her garage. Her new mini-medical room.

    Medical spa chair, check.
    Surgical light, check.
    A purple accent wall? Double check.

    As of January 2021, Dr. Amy was treating her friends, family, and of course herself, with BOTOX®.

     Chapter 1—The entrepreneur.

    Enter Julie Thorne, Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Amy's best friend, and the can-do-it-all entrepreneur. Months before the garage-spa was created, Julie was hired as an injector at a different med-spa and fell in love with aesthetics. So much so, she figured, "I should open my own med-spa." That thought, however, was quickly squashed by a single law; Georgia requires a licensed doctor to operate a medical practice.

    Fast forward to the christening of the garage-spa, Julie had an idea. Being the entrepreneur she is, she realized the unique position Dr. Amy created for herself, and presented her with a business pitch.

    Let's turn the garage-spa into a real business.
    Amy, owner and Medical Director.
    Julie, everything else.


    Chapter 2—Barn beginnings.

    Remember, at the time, Dr. Amy was working full time at the ER. And she loved it. The garage-spa was simply just for fun, not to generate income. It was for her friends and family. The thought of jumping into a new venture, the added responsibility and stress of being a business owner, was daunting. After many late-night conversations, Dr. Amy was convinced. She saw the potential Julie saw. So began the work.

    Julie organized nearly everything; including getting the business email, the phone number, and any and all required paperwork. But what about a name? In one of their many meetings sitting around Dr. Amy’s kitchen table, they were pitching names back and forth.

    The BOTOX® Barn.
    The Beauty Barn®. 

    Chapter 3—Community.

    In late May of 2021, Dr. Amy and Julie saw their first real patient. In the beginning, patients were limited and services were too, offering only BOTOX®, 3 types of filler, chemical peels, and microneedling. Julie was easily able to handle the workload. Naturally, as The Beauty Barn® grew, Dr. Amy starting seeing patients as well, and immediately fell in love.

    Both Julie and Dr. Amy were still working full time jobs, Julie at a pain management practice and Amy at the ER. However, due to the nature of the ER, Dr. Amy had nearly half the month “off”, so she ended up seeing the majority of the growing number of patients.

    Excited about the potential of The Beauty Barn®, Dr. Amy was seeing patients on her days off, while Julie was seeing patients two nights out of the week and on Saturdays. Overnight, clients of The Beauty Barn® were no longer just patients, but rather Barn Family. A community.

    Chapter 4—Enter, Baby Barn.

    Through word of mouth, The Beauty Barn® grew so much in just three months that by the end of the Summer of 2021, getting an office manager was imperative. That’s when former accountant Amy Murphy joined the team, taking care of all things administration. Operating out of a single room in garage, doubling both as the reception area and the patient room, was no longer realistic. It soon became apparent that with the influx of patients, there was no choice but to expand.

    Collectively, the team agreed to add an addition to the garage, creating three patient rooms, with the original one room being converted into a proper reception area. This version of The Beauty Barn® is what we now affectionately refer to as the Baby Barn. In October of 2021, The Beauty Barn® reopened its doors to the newly expanded building and launched their social media accounts and website. Dr. Amy, Julie, and Amy Murphy hustled day-in and day-out to ensure The Beauty Barn® continued to thrive. A month later, Ellie Lusk, The Beauty Barn®'s first receptionist, was hired. As the staff grew, so did the patients. A growing community.

    Chapter 5—Onward.

    In less than three years, what started out as two friends sharing a passion for aesthetics, has become a premier med-spa destination. Since the very beginning, Dr. Amy and Julie’s mission has been to share their creation with the community. Every person that passes through The Beauty Barn® doors, no matter the location, is family.

    From Dr. Amy:

    Without the love and support of our patients, The Beauty Barn® would be nothing. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve and give back to our community in ways that didn’t seem possible a mere two years ago. Thank you for allowing us to provide the very best aesthetic care for you, your family, and your friends. We cannot wait to write the rest of our story with you.

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